Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome to the SMART Growth Program!

Welcome to the 2011 SMART Growth program blog site.  As I believe was briefly discussed at the orientation, this blog is really here for you to make as much use of as you can.

You can use this blog to communicate with the other organizations within the program, share tips or thoughts on the program or the Chicago Arts culture, and post events on the calendar that you want to promote for your organization.  We will also be posting specific program deadlines on the calendar ensuring that you are up to date with information.

We will also use this blog as a center for frequently asked questions, which I will post (along with the answers) as and when they come up.  Please be sure to check out this section before emailing me with a potential query.

I hope the blog becomes a helpful, exciting and informative tool for all of you, and once again I extend our welcome to all of you participating in our program.  I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you.


  1. I look forward to meeting all of you at the dinner on Thursday. Best regards! - Juan Dies, Executive Director, Sones de Mexico Ensemble.

  2. Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

    One question, We want to communicate the great news to our supporters (donors, stakeholders, customers, potential customers). We want to announce this through our website, newsletter, marketing materials, special events, etc. Therefore I was wondering, given the fact that we don’t have a specific amount pledged, what kind of language we should use on our communication materials when referring to this grant?

  3. Please feel free to announce your acceptance into the SMART Growth Program. You can "lift" some language from our website about the program, but we want to be sure that you refer to us as "The Chicago Community Trust" or "The Trust" (not "CCT"), and that, if possible, you use the tag line "Our region's community foundation". Our logo is available, as well. Once you actually receive real money (your 2012 grant), there is a set of recognition guidelines that accompanies your grant agreement.


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