Tuesday, May 3, 2011

smARTscope Program - Update

Hi all,

It has been a while since I posted a status update on the program, so I thought I would tell you all how things are going.

Phase 1 organizations have now almost completed the smARTscope program, with some reports having already been presented, and the others scheduled for the upcoming weeks. May I extend my gratitude to the survey takers and especially the lead contacts in this phase for their extremely helpful assistance.

For our phase 2 organizations, we have now reached the point where all of our cohesion meetings are scheduled, and many of them are complete. The survey taking stage was mostly problem free, and every organization completed the survey process within the deadlines, at a near 100% completion rate. The cohesion meetings have gone well (so I hear), and our consultants are busy preparing the final reports for the presentation meetings.

Our 3rd phase organizations are busy in the middle of the survey taking process, and so I hope that by next Tuesday we have a similar situation to past phases, with timely results and a similar completion rate.

Finally, if you are reading this thinking none of the above has happened for you yet, never fear; it only means your are in our 4th and final phase of the rollout, which is scheduled to start with survey taking at the end of May/start of June. I will be in touch with the lead contacts of the remaining seven organizations in the next couple of weeks to obtain survey taker lists, contracts and all that fun stuff!

So that's where we are at; thank you to everyone for their professional attitude to the process, and I look forward to finishing off phases 1,2 & 3, and starting our final phase!

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