Friday, March 2, 2012

Capitalizing Your Organization to Achieve Artistic Vision and Impact

Interesting article by Susan Trapnell, Senior Consultant at Arts Consulting Group.

Capitalizing Your Organization
to Achieve Artistic Vision and Impact

Susan Trapnell, Senior Consultant

The current economic and cultural climate is clearly difficult for the arts. In response, some arts and culture organizations will spiral downward in the losing battle of seeking some "sustainable," but often unachievable, levels where revenues always exceed expenses. Many other organizations, however, will stay on course, sharpen their focus on mission, vision and values, keep their long-term health in mind, and adapt thoughtfully and strategically to changing external conditions. The freedom to think and act strategically, to take big risks, or to make big changes depends upon the organization’s underlying financial health, not its annual operating budget, and upon its reserve funds rather than the annual fund.

In this issue of Arts Insights, we will look at the significant benefits of capitalizing your organization and how to go about it. The undercapitalized organization is at a huge competitive disadvantage no matter how strong its artistic work. And organizations that look to solve their financial stresses through the annual operating budget alone will, at best, simply persist but to no real community benefit, or at worst, spiral downward to the ... Read More

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