Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reminder: Sept. 21st Panel & Proposal Review Info

Smart Growth Grantees:

We will be scheduling site visits on September 21st when you come to the panel discussion.  Come prepared with a couple of dates that will work for you and any staff involved.  Site visits will be held during late September and early October at the Trust.

During the proposal review process Vanessa Johnson will be coordinating the site visits. You will receive a confirmation email from her after the panel discussion.

She will also review board, staff and participant demographics in your proposals and contact you as needed.  If you have any questions or updates on your organization’s demographics, feel free to contact Vanessa via email at: vjohnson@cct.org.
I, Alma Rodriguez, will be reviewing the financials in your proposals.
If you have any questions or financial updates, contact me via email at: arodriguez@cct.org.

I'll see you Friday!

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