Thursday, June 23, 2011

Now that your smARTscope process is complete, what next?

Now it’s time to start on your 3-Year SMART Growth Plan and your first year SMART Growth proposal to the Chicago Community Trust.

You’ll remember from your smARTscope final presentation and the accompanying report that there’s a page near the end titled: “Developing Your 3-Year SMART Growth Plan.”

Once you’ve completed your 3-year SMART Growth Plan, you’re ready to start on your year one proposal. Download the proposal and take a look at the format and what it’s asking. You’ll notice that it may seem slightly different then other CCT proposals you’ve completed. You’ll be working closely with your smARTscope report to think about and propose the outcomes and measures you’re planning on working on during the Smart Growth program.

Remember that your smARTscope report will NOT be shared with the Chicago Community Trust. With that in mind, once you have a draft of your proposal, you’ll be working with Andrew Micheli, Director of Programs at A&BC, to review your proposal and your 3-year SMART Growth Plan before you submit them to CCT.

The deadline for submission to CCT is September 15, 2011.

In order to review your drafts in time for the CCT’s deadline, you will need to submit your drafts to A&BC by August 15, 2011.

It will be a good idea to get started on your 3-Year SMART Growth Plan and first year report as soon as you have your final smARTscope report in hand. This will give you ample time to work with A&BC to finalize your work before submitting to CCT.

If you have any questions regarding the process, post them to the blog and the person most able to help will respond. Both A&BC and the Trust will be actively monitoring the blog.

Once you have a draft of your 3-Year SMART Growth Plan and first year report, email them to Alex at A&BC. From there, Andrew will schedule a time to work with you to review your plan and proposal.


  1. We must be in the 4th phase of the rollout, because we have not had our final report yet. For instance, we don't have the “Developing Your 3-Year SMART Growth Plan” document. So, we feel a little left behind. Will we always remain last in all future "rollouts" as we continue navigating this 3-year program? I suggest you shuffle it up.

  2. Hi Juan,

    In order to best facilitate the smARTscope portion of the program in time for the SMART Growth proposal deadline, we had to split the organizations into 4 groups, and unfortunately you were in the 4th phase (as was described to you on here and on the phone). I hear from Sandra that you have completed the Cohesion Meeting and are looking for a final presentation in July; this would give you enough time with the final report to create your proposal for the deadlines in place!

    Any problems, please let me know.

  3. The smARTscope assessment process is labor-intensive for A&BC and for your organizations; however, it only occurs at the beginning of the 3-year program. Its goal is to engage everyone in your organization in a structured process that helps them to jointly identify management areas that are ahead of the curve and may not need attention right now, as well as those that are lagging and should be a priority. This enables you to direct your staff time, Board attention, and Trust funding toward areas of most immediate need and insures that everyone supports that approach.

    After working with your smARTscope consultant and drafting the brief 3-year SMART Growth Plan, you will find it easy to complete the Year 1 proposal template. In each subsequent year, you'll be checking your progress toward the outcomes, and possibly refining the Plan. A&BC will remain available as a resource to help you stay on track. This becomes very handy as staff and Board members change over the years and a "refresher" is helpful.

  4. Where do we submit our draft proposal documents? Are we uploading them or emailing them?


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