Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Making changes to a blog follower's account

Good afternoon,

A couple blogger technical questions...
Is it possible for more than one person from an organization to access the SMART Growth blog? Ideally, both our Executive Director and Development Manager would like to directly follow. When I emailed the most recent blog to our Executive Director, the email he received included a link that took him to a message that denied access to the blog entry I was trying to forward.

Unfortunately, I also initially accessed this blog from my personal account (a gmail account). If it's not possible to have more than one person from each organization follow the blog, can we go back to square one and reset to a work email?

Denise McCracken

Development Manager
People's Music School


  1. Yes, you can have several people from the same organization join the blog. Remember that if an invitation is not activated within 30 days, it will expire. Just send the e-mails to Alex at A&BC and he can send invitations.

  2. Hi Denise,

    Suzanne/Karen is right. Multiple people from an organization can have access the blog, but they must have their own account for this to work; otherwise they would have to use your credentials to log into the blog.

    Bob asked me for an invite to the blog, which I sent to him late last week. He needs to check his inbox and spam folders for an email from either me or smartgrowth and follow the instructions. Regarding you using your gmail account, blogger seems to only allow you to access its site through a gmail address. There are two options for this - either people can do as you have done and use their personal gmail account, or alternatively an organization could set up a gmail account (similar in nature to an info@ account), and these details could be shared with multiple board and staff.

    Hope this helps.


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