Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hints for Good Grantwriting

I wouldn't blame anyone for spending more time by the lake than the
computer, but in case you're working on your grant proposal, here's a couple of
tips to keep in mind:

  • Please try to minimize or avoid the use of acronyms. There are no
    character limits to inhibit you, so err on the side of clarity. For Trust
    staff and Board members that will be reading about 31 organizations, an alphabet
    soup of organizations and programs will merely dilute your identity and make you
    less memorable.

  • Omit superlatives (see my earlier post); state facts, figures, and awards
    with specificity, rather than "...thousands

  • Remember to update your Board list and your demographic info.

  • Complete your IL Cultural Data Project in plenty of time so that it can be
    reviewed by the Help Desk at CDP. Please try to give accurate information
    regarding participation figures because it will be used as a baseline and
    if you're guessing wildly or overestimating (we marched in a parade..." it will
    be very hard to measure incremental growth.

  • If your fiscal year ends June 30, we understand that you
    may not have your audit completed by Sept. 15; however, we will need to have it
    by Dec. 15, 2011, so that it can be reviewed before the final vote by our
    Board in January.

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