Monday, January 23, 2012

Here we go!

I gotta say it is so nice to have a focus.

As artists we tend to be all over the place. Well, I shouldn't speak for anyone else. But I know I jump from task to task. There is so much to get done, so little time and even fewer people to do it all. So I jump around.

But knowing that this year we are focusing on financial management and board development already has me more focused. I tend to be VERY impatient. I want challenges to be solved as soon as they are discovered! But knowing the board and myself have one full-year to focus on these two management areas already has brought firm focus to 16th Street.

And it feels good.

I have been poring over financial documents. Rolling up my sleeves and giving myself the time to ask questions and not know the answer right away. (Hey-- like making art!)

So in our first month, I am already so appreciative of the gift the Chicago Community Trust has given us all. I feel super lucky and in fine company. If anyone wants to talk numbers in 2012, I'm all ears.

Happy New Year!

Ann Filmer, Artistic Director
16th Street Theater

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