Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Webinar on Jan 31 & Mar 1 - Metrics Don't Bite! Engergize Your Nonprofit with a Meaningful Metrics Program

Someone at your nonprofit may occasionally sneak a peek at Facebook Insights or Google Analytics. But you should be doing so much more. This webinar will show you how to take full advantage of the power of metrics to advance your nonprofit's goals. A huge, valuable storehouse of information awaits once you learn these simple steps to unlock the most meaningful metrics and put them to work for you!

This 90-minute webinar is packed with actionable steps that nonprofit managers can easily understand and implement. Within a month, you can become a superstar and number-crunching hero to your co-workers by printing out rich sets of data that will help shape internal programs and inform your communications program and development decision-making.

In this session, you'll learn:
  • How a metrics program will benefit your nonprofit
  • Simple steps to set up a metrics program
  • The critical importance of keywords to your online presence
  • How to map metrics to your nonprofit's goals
  • How your nonprofit can rise to the top of search results on Google, Bing & elsewhere
  • The essential metrics tools you should be using
  • A hands-on demo of what your site ranks for today
  • A hands-on demo on how to use Google's Keyword tool
  • A hands-on demo inside Google Analytics, including traffic referrals, keywords and "hot spots" on your home page
  • A hands-on demo inside Facebook Insights
  • How to use open data to create map mashups, word clouds and online visualizations 
By the end of the webinar, you'll understand which metrics can help you achieve your organizational objectives. This is an interactive class, so please come prepared to ask questions about your specific needs.

BONUS! In addition, we’ll provide these downloadable color handouts for you to share with your team!
  1. 10 Free Metrics Tools for Actionable Analytics
  2. Sample Keyword Tracker 
  3. Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics 
  4. Getting the Most Out of Facebook Insights
Note: This webinar is completely different from CharityHowTo’s “Facebook Insights and Google Analytics” webinar and will take a deeper dive into strategy, keywords and creating a metrics program.

Presented by J.D. Lasica J.D. Lasica is a social media strategist, consultant and author who has helped clients like Goodwill and TechSoup Global advance their missions using social tools. He is founder of Socialbrite, a learning hub & national consultancy that works exclusively with nonprofits. J.D. has spoken at or given workshops at South by Southwest, BlogWorld Expo, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, NYU, UC Berkeley, the Cannes Film Festival and elsewhere, and his strategy webinars at CharityHowTo continue to be a hit. He has over 15,000 followers on Twitter – and he wants to help you put metrics to work for your nonprofit!

Testimonial: "JD's presentation (on strategy and metrics) made it critically clear that social media is essential to NPOs not only for survival, but also to thrive. JD has provided invaluable resources here!" – Karyn Noel, former Director of Finance at San Francisco Conservation Corps

Jan 31 2-3:30pm CST http://www.charityhowto.com/upcoming_info.php?vid=385 
Mar 1 2 - 3:30pm CST http://www.charityhowto.com/upcoming_info.php?vid=397

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