Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Successful Event Planning: Friend-raiser vs. Fundraiser

Tues, June 26 from 9:30 – 12:00pm
Columbia College Chicago, 623 S Wabash Ave, Hokin Hall, Rm 109

Carolina Jayaram, Executive Director, Chicago Artists Coalition
Erik Schroeder, Director of Marketing, Lookingglass Theatre Company
Megan Smith, Executive Director, Sideshow Theatre Company
Stef Tovar, Founder/Artistic Director, Route 66 Theatre Company

What does it take to execute a successful  fundraising event and how do you define success? What's the difference between a friend-raiser and a fund-raiser? What are the advantages of each?

This workshop will discuss the benefits and challenges of different types of events, including budgeting, marketing, acquiring donations, and board engagement. Panelists will share their experience creating, managing and evolving their organizations' events and tips for fundraising success.

Who should attend:
  • Organizations that are planning a fundraiser for the first time
  • Organizatins that have had small, singular events and are hoping to plan 1-2 years ahead
  • Board Members, Event Committee Chairs, and staff interested in innovative themes and programming for their upcoming fundraisers.
Price: $45 (npos under $250,000)/ $65 (for-profit/npos over $250,000)


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